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We're a digital marketing agency in Japan
designed to grow your business.

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      We offer ALL IN ONE comprehensive package of digital marketing for the Japanease market.
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      Driving Results
      We are a strategic digital agency powered by data analytics, market research, and digital technology.
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    Grow your
    business in Japan

    We are a team of highly energetic and creative people with a strong
    focus and commitment to success in the Japanese market.

    Our digital marketing services include:

    • - Understand local customer behaviour
    • - Create compelling content in Japanese
    • - Generate qualified leads
    • - Reduce marketing cost

    Landing page
    Japanese website

    Totally Custom, with advanced functionality to custom fit your

    Web Hosting
    Web hosting is located in Japan, which is also effective for SEO.
    We handle everything from server maintenance to backups regularly.
    Fully Customized
    We create fully customized, beautiful websites using CMS.
    A properly built custom website can help you get the most results
    from your marketing efforts.

    Fully Customized / Website Editing & CMS
    Responsive Design / Contact Form / Free Web Hosting


    SEO Strategy

    Search engine strategies vary for each country.
    At our company, utilizing an enormous database,
    we can accurately and rapidly respond to algorithms that change every day.
    By implementing an SEO strategy that is optimal for the Japanese
    market, your website will achieve long-term and stable increases in traffic.

    Promotional Ads

    By sending targeted ads to potential and actual clients,
    more effective listing operations are possible.
    Calculating conversion rates for each keyword and reducing
    overall advertisement costs through daily fine-tuning,
    we achieve maximum performance.

    Increase Web Traffic / Data Analysis / Boost Conversion Rate / PDCA

    SEO & Web Marketing

    Online Strategy Solution Package for the Asian and Japanese Markets

    Providing one-stop services
    only possible as a specialized team

    Example of Results

    • Web Traffic 300%UP
      [ 3-month period ]
    • CVR 150%UP
      [ 1-month period ]
    • New Visitors 350%UP
      [ 4-month period ]
    • SEO
      Keyword Selection
    • KPI Setting
    • Increase Traffic &
      Conversion Rates
    • Regular Reporting
    • PDCA

    Plans & Pricing

    Find the right solution for your needs.
    • 3 Months
      Initial Costs $750 USD
      • Landing page
      • Web Hosting
      • SEO
      • ADS
      • Backups
    • 6 Months
      Initial Costs $500 USD
      • Landing page
      • Web Hosting
      • SEO
      • ADS
      • Backups
    • 12 Months
      Initial Costs $350 USD
      • Landing page
      • Web Hosting
      • SEO
      • ADS
      • Backups


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